"Funding that fits"



Our goal at FOND FINANCE is to focus on qualified borrowers who require unique and personalized funding for special projects that are typically difficult to fund.

We dig deep into your loan request and analyze your data, then match your loan with our best lender for the ultimate funding scenario.

Our Services

Investment Purpose Real Estate Financing

We offer financing solutions for:

  • Loan types include fix & flip, purchase, refi, cash-out refi, and new construction and more…
  • No experience required for most loan types
  • 1-4 unit FHA and Jumbo residential investment properties (non-owner occupied only)
  • Multi-unit (5+ units)
  • Commercial


Our process is simple;

  • We email you a mutual non-disclosure agreement which you and our firm both execute to protect your proprietary information

  • Upon analyzing your deal, we match it with the best fitting lender

  • If an offer is made, the client signs the fee agreement, then we send the offer

  • Based on previous individual scenarios, occasionally it may be necessary to use hard money

  • While conventional loans close in 6 to 8 weeks, hard money loans typically close in 2 to 4 weeks



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